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Changes to National Exams in 2020: List of Topics Removed from PSLE, N Level, O Level and A Level

26 June 2020

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Singapore Schools from all levels were closed for 2 months and online learning was made the alternative to help students keep up...

Changes to PSLE Grading & Curriculum: What Parents Must Know

22 December 2018

The Singapore education system is known to be highly demanding and deeply focused on academics. In recent years, however, the Ministry of Education has taken...

PSLE Primary Math Syllabus Changes to Look Out for in 2019

13 December 2018

The PSLE Math paper requires intensive preparation based on the Primary Mathematics syllabus. Your child’s six years in primary school would have equipped him or...

PSLE Primary Math Syllabus Changes To Look Out For In 2018

17 December 2017

The PSLE Math syllabus is a very distinctive examination as compared to most of the national primary school leaving examinations in other countries, due to...

Tackling The Changes Of PSLE Science 2017

30 August 2017

Come 3rd Oct, hundreds of students will sit for the new PSLE Science paper. The changeover to a new PSLE syllabus will not be too...

PSLE Changes Over the Years And How it Affects Our Kids

18 November 2016

No doubt you already know that 2021 will bring us significant changes in the Primary School Leaving Examination. Specifically, the good old T-score system, the...