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9 Simple Tips to Improve Your E-Maths From F9 To A1 that are Guaranteed to Work!

23 December 2020

Math can be a very scary subject for some students. No matter how much they pay attention in class, they just can’t seem to grasp...

How Shorthand Writing Can Improve Your Note-Taking Skills in Your Classes

27 September 2020

When we take a test, we often find ourselves wondering where some of these questions are from. We just blank out, thinking that these questions...

Best 16 Study Spots with Free Wi-Fi in Singapore

19 September 2020

After school, it is very difficult for some students to find a perfect study spot where they can review and revise. While there are students...

Creative Writing Online Resources for Secondary School Students

16 April 2020

As a secondary school student, mastering creative writing can be extremely beneficial. Creative writing trains you to more creative. It fuels your imagination, allows you...

Best Techniques for Effective Brainstorming for Singapore Students

27 January 2020

If you have an idea but do not know how to develop it, brainstorming with a friend or a group can help you out. It...