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How to Handle Stressful Parents as a Student

23 February 2024

[Pexels] As a student, life can be overwhelming when you have to deal with exams, your social life, and your parents’ expectations.  It’s important to...

History Vs Social Studies – Which Subject to Choose?

29 December 2023

(Pexels - Pixabay) When choosing electives during secondary school, your students get to choose their humanities: Geography, Literature, and History, but Social Studies is compulsory...

How Does My Personality Type Influence My Choice in College Major?

15 November 2023

[NUS] Hey there! We understand that selecting the right college major is a crucial decision that can shape your academic path and future career. Let's...

The Best Gift Ideas For Teacher’s Day

14 September 2023

(Pexels - RDNE Stock project) As the later half of the year arrives, a special day for our beloved educators does too: Teacher’s Day! This...

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