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Should Conservation and Sustainability be Taught in Schools?

29 September 2022

[iStock] Global warming and climate change are major issues that we have to deal with. Thankfully, there is an increased awareness of the problem, leading...

Is Learning Drama Important?

17 September 2022

[iStock] Which O level subjects are important? Your first thought might be the Sciences, Mathematics or English. After all, they are the few subjects that...

Mistakes Students Make When Prepping for the Exams, and How to Avoid Them

03 September 2022

Exams are considered one of the most common ways of gauging a student’s overall understanding of the subject matter and their readiness to tackle more...

What to Look Out for During Your Child’s CCA Orientation Day

29 August 2022

[OpenSchoolbag] Co-curricular activities (CCA) are a part of students' lives. Not only do they help our children with pursuing hobbies or skills, they help create...

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