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Wuhan Coronavirus: How to Turn This into a Learning Moment

01 March 2020

It is true that the Wuhan Coronavirus is a concern every one of us should look out for in case it spreads in our community....

10 Best History Apps of 2019 to Get Your Child Interested in History

11 November 2019

History is a fascinating subject that kids could learn from. History introduces to them what life was like back in the past, the pioneers who...

Great History Channel TV Shows for Your Kids

04 February 2019

History does not have to be boring for your children. Fortunately, there are some history channel TV shows which will help make history more entertaining...

5 Easy Ways to Memorise History Date and Names

17 November 2018

Ask a few students what their favorite subject is in school and you’re sure to get a multitude of different answers. Some students may prefer...

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