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Great History Channel TV Shows for Your Kids

04 February 2019

History does not have to be boring for your children. Fortunately, there are some history channel TV shows which will help make history more entertaining...

5 Easy Ways to Memorise History Date and Names

17 November 2018

Ask a few students what their favorite subject is in school and you’re sure to get a multitude of different answers. Some students may prefer...

Top 5 Reasons Students HATE History – And what you can do to change that

30 October 2018

It’s sad to admit but I’m sure teachers worldwide would have to agree that many of their students are not a huge fan of History....

How to Make Learning History Interesting at Home?

04 September 2018

Let’s face it, your children is probably find learning about history a chore. Chances are, if you were to sit them down at home and...

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