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How to Help Your Child Overcome Performance Anxiety

01 May 2021

Is your child terrified of performing in front of a crowd? Or perhaps your child is breaking down on the exam day? Performance anxiety is...

6 Signs That Your Student is Struggling During Your Tutorial Classes

23 April 2021

As a tutor, I'm sure you're aware that learning is not a one-size fits-all method. Each students learn differently from the other. According to the...

What is Blended Learning?

19 April 2021

Like many countries worldwide, Singapore is slowly trying to find ways to help its citizens find some semblance of normalcy. In the education sector, talks...

15 Time Management Tips to Improve Exam Revision

07 April 2021

When it comes to exam revisions, students prepare differently. Some are able to create new routines for themselves to make their study time more effective...

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