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How to Handle Stressful Parents as a Student

23 February 2024

[Pexels] As a student, life can be overwhelming when you have to deal with exams, your social life, and your parents’ expectations.  It’s important to...

5 Benefits of Outdoor Learning

30 January 2024

(Pexels - Chris J Mitchell) In education, both classroom and outdoor learning are significantly important, as they both bring their own benefits. For classroom learning,...

5 Good Apps for Study Productivity

22 January 2024

[Pexels] You’ve set yourself a table, organized with revision notes, stationery and exam papers at an arm’s reach. Setting yourself in a comfortable sitting position,...

Importance of Sex Education in Schools

14 January 2024

When we think about school, we often think about academic subjects and grades. But school is also supposed to be a place where students are...

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