Must read articles for O level

How to Manage Disappointment After Receiving O Level Results

12 January 2023

[Pexels, Pixabay] From today till 16th January, the O Level results are being released! The anticipation leading up to the moment when you collect your...

How to Retake O Levels as A Private Candidate

26 November 2022

[iStock] O levels in Singapore is one of the major milestones students must overcome to advance to higher education. But sometimes, students don’t get a...

Should Students Drink Energy Drinks Before Exams?

03 October 2022

[The Washington Post] What are energy drinks? Energy drinks are beverages that contain large amounts of caffeine, added sugars and legal stimulants like guarana and...

5 Ways to Help Your Student Answer Essay Questions

23 August 2022

[iStock] What are essay questions? They are questions that require an answer in sentences and paragraphs. As tutors, many of us are familiar with such...

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