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The Best Quiet Cafes in Singapore to Study or Work At

19 January 2023

Traditionally, cafes, coffee shops, and other eateries have served as hotspots for social interactions and good food and drinks. However, in the post-pandemic age, these...

Why Do Some Students Hate Homework?

05 January 2023

[Pexels, Lum3n] Do you hate homework? Do you feel dread when teachers assign you homework, and disappointed when you have to take time out of...

How to Get a Good Start to the New School Year

02 January 2023

[Pexels, Yi Lu] If your child is going to school for the first time, congratulations! It’s the start of a new journey. And if your...

Debunking Five Misconceptions About Active Learning

12 November 2022

[Education Technology Transformation] In Singapore, the education system is beginning to encourage students to take part in active learning. However, there are still many misconceptions...

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