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Four Tips To Ensure Digital Safety For Pre-Teens

19 February 2021

As the world becomes increasingly connected and reliant on the internet, children are spending more time surfing the web for school and leisure purposes. The...

How to Find and Nurture Your Child’s Passions

10 February 2021

We want our children to pursue the things they love to do and are interested in because it is a great way for them to...

Amazing Tips for Encouraging Positive Attitude Among Students

22 January 2021

A positive attitude can change the way learners think and approach a subject or topic. It is meant to have a constructive effect on the...

Does Learning Mathematics in School Help Us in Real Life?

15 January 2021

“Is learning math really relevant to me when I progress in life?” “What can I get out of memorising this formula when I start working...

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