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Essential Time Management Tips for Students – Make the Best of Everyday!

14 June 2021

We all have only 24 hours in a day, but how is it that some students can score excellent grades and have a social life...

How eLearning can Impact the Traditional Way of Teaching

21 May 2021

eLearning has been gaining attention for the past 5 years, but what really pushed it to its popularity is COVID-19's disruption. Facilities from different sectors...

How to Boost Your Grades: Tips and Tricks

17 May 2021

Having good grades is not just for the super brilliant or the Einstein’ in your class. Anyone can have poor grades, as well as good...

How to Juggle Between Studies and CCA in Poly

13 May 2021

As you may know, it’s not compulsory for poly students to join a CCA unlike in Secondary School. However, if you’re the type of student...

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