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Are Grades No Longer The Determining Factor of Success in Singapore?

13 June 2022

[iStock] I am sure that many of us have experienced the stresses and pressure of needing to do well in school. Getting good grades matters...

Are Schools in Singapore Limiting Students’ Creativity?

18 April 2022

When we talk about Singapore’s education system, many would associate it with stress and students having to mug all year long. In our typical classroom...

How to Score in Your LSAT Exams in 2022?

03 January 2022

Thinking to attend law school in the United States or Canada? Then you will definitely know that you need to take the Law School Admissions...

The University Admission Score: Calculating Your Rank Points

03 December 2021

In Singapore, your rank points can significantly impact where you go to university, especially if you’re looking to gain admissions into a specific course or...

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