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Pros and Cons Guide: Physics Edition

16 March 2023

[Unsplash, Artturi Jalli] You would have had the chance to get a taste of each of the three sciences in Lower Secondary, and now you...

Weighted Assessment: Is the Stress Still On?

04 March 2023

[iStock] Because of a decision made by the Ministry of Education (MOE), there have been no Mid-Year Examinations (MYE) for the last three years.  This...

How to Retake O Levels as A Private Candidate

26 November 2022

[iStock] O levels in Singapore is one of the major milestones students must overcome to advance to higher education. But sometimes, students don’t get a...

Are Grades No Longer The Determining Factor of Success in Singapore?

13 June 2022

[iStock] I am sure that many of us have experienced the stresses and pressure of needing to do well in school. Getting good grades matters...

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