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Retaking the GRE: Should You Actually Do It?

09 September 2019

Taking a major test like the GRE is nerve-racking, especially if you need a specific score to get to the graduate school you want. People...

5 Tips on How to Pick Good Assessment Books for Primary School Students

09 August 2019

When preparing for an exam like the PSLE, assessment books are both heaven-sent and a curse for students. It is awesome because it can help...

Chinese Exam Mistakes All Singaporean Students Make

25 February 2019

Students tend to make a lot of mistakes when preparing for their exams. Regardless of what exam it is, these mistakes are repeated by different...

Changes to PSLE Grading & Curriculum: What Parents Must Know

22 December 2018

The Singapore education system is known to be highly demanding and deeply focused on academics. In recent years, however, the Ministry of Education has taken...

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