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10 English Essay Writing Tips for O-Levels Students

23 April 2021

Essay writing is a crucial skill that all students should learn. Especially in o-levels, when the competition is enormous. Students are under immense pressure to...

What is Blended Learning?

19 April 2021

Like many countries worldwide, Singapore is slowly trying to find ways to help its citizens find some semblance of normalcy. In the education sector, talks...

6 Presentation Tips To Ace Your Way Through Poly

10 March 2021

Recently, I spoke to a student from Republic Polytechnic (RP) about what is life like as a RP student. I found out that presentations are...

10 Key Information O Level Private Candidates in Singapore Should Know

10 October 2020

Most O Level candidates take their exams as a school student and information on the exams are easily available during classroom sessions. Whereas as a...

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