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The Best Quiet Cafes in Singapore to Study or Work At

19 January 2023

Traditionally, cafes, coffee shops, and other eateries have served as hotspots for social interactions and good food and drinks. However, in the post-pandemic age, these...

7 Compo Topics to Give Your Students for Homework

07 November 2022

[Depositphotos] English paper one’s compositions (or essays) can be quite difficult for students to practice for. Not only is it difficult for them to self-mark...

6 Poor Study Habits You Should Avoid

29 October 2022

[Adobe Stock] During study sessions, students develop study habits to be more efficient. It allows them to cover more content and complete their revision faster....

How to Study History More Efficiently?

25 October 2022

[iStock] As the O levels near, the pressure is on as students push to complete their revision for their exams. This is especially so for...

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