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9 Awakening Tips to Help You Stay Awake During Lessons

16 July 2021

Do your eyelids often feel heavy during lesson time?  Well, if your answer is yes, then there’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s actually a...

Why You Should Not Encourage Cramming in Your Kids

08 July 2021

You may have tried cramming as you prepared for an exam during your student years. In some cases, it has given you amazing results. However,...

7 Sure-Fire Tips to Ace your Geography Exams – Thank Us Later!

30 June 2021

Do you find it tough to score an A for your geography exams? Well, in some ways it’s quite understandable why students find geography a...

7 Top PSLE Science Tips: How to Answer PSLE Science Questions

09 June 2021

The Primary School Leaving Examination is challenging for both parents and students, as it tests children’ academic aptitudes, as well as their resilience and stress...

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