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Two-Column Note-Taking Strategy: How to Apply it to Your Lessons

12 September 2022

[iStock] Studies show that when students actively take notes during our lessons, it helps them focus during the lesson. It also breaks down the content...

Why Students Should Use Social Media as a Learning Platform

05 September 2022

Usage of social media in classrooms is at its historical peak. Students have successfully integrated social media into each aspect of their daily school life....

4 Ways to Help Your Student Keep to the Compo Word Count

27 August 2022

[Adobe Stock] Why do we have a word count limit in our English compositions? Usually, word counts level the playing field among students. It restricts...

4 Top Online Tools Every Student Needs in 2022

24 August 2022

Thanks to the advancement of technology during the pandemic, the number of educational technology tools and apps has increased dramatically. Such tools are aimed at...

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