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The Cramming Myth: Debunking the Secrets to Effective Last-Minute Studying!

26 March 2024

Have you heard of the "cramming myth”? That last-minute studying can miraculously help them memorize vast amounts of information just before an exam. Indeed, many...

Level Up as a Tutor! How to Teach Effectively With Gamification

14 March 2024

Hey look! Your student’s not paying attention to your lessons again! Those faces don’t belong to someone who looks like they’re actually studying. Some of...

5 Benefits of Outdoor Learning

30 January 2024

(Pexels - Chris J Mitchell) In education, both classroom and outdoor learning are significantly important, as they both bring their own benefits. For classroom learning,...

Tutoring 101: How Can You Teach Productively as a Tutor

26 January 2024

As competitive as Singaporeans are, the term “tuition” is no longer distant from its relevance to local education. This is why being a tutor has...

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