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It’s Not The End: ITE is Gaining Recognition

24 May 2022

Photo credit: ITE The Institute of Technical Education (ITE) is one of the post-secondary educational routes in Singapore which has been garnering mixed impressions from...

Pursuing Unconventional Passions in Singapore: Interview with a 19 Y.O. Full-Time Small Business Owner

31 March 2022

“I knew that taking the conventional route wouldn’t get me to where I want to be in five years’ time.” Ms Tang Hui Yi, 19,...

Changing Schools: The Effect of Expat Life on Your Child’s Education

22 March 2022

Living abroad offers many opportunities, and foreign students who move to Singapore enjoy various advantages, including a rich and diverse culture. However, the idea of...

How do SAP schools Inculcate Chinese Culture in Their Curriculum?

21 March 2022

According to the Ministry of Education (MOE), the Special Assistance Plan (SAP) was set up in 1979 “to develop bilingual students", "as part of Singapore’s...

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