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How to Pick a University Course That You Won’t Regret

07 January 2020

Once you reach your last year in high school, you must consider what university course you will pursue. Knowing what course you will take will...

Singapore Slips to Second Place Behind China in the Latest PISA

03 January 2020

Singapore has always been known for having some of the best educational systems in the world. But, it seems that it is now falling behind...

Guide to Music & Art Elective Programmes in Secondary Schools

03 January 2020

School’s not all about academics. It’s also about honing your child’s talents and developing his or her creativity in various areas, including music and art. ...

Singapore Child Care Subsidies in 2020

30 December 2019

For parents, childcare services are very important. It provides parents with peace of mind at work and not have to worry about their children as...

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