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Ultimate Checklist for Parents Before Choosing A Music Tutor for Their Kids

22 March 2021

Music has a lot of benefits to children and adults alike. It is particularly more beneficial if children are exposed to music as early as...

7 Most Common Topics Tutors Offer

09 December 2020

Going through tutorial classes is very helpful for students to do better academically. No matter the age of the learner, from the youngest primary school...

A Singapore Parent’s Guide to Buying Math Assessment books

03 July 2020

For many Singaporean parents, their child’s math exams are very important. Besides hunting for ten year series test papers (or free test papers), they will...

The Complete Guide to Phonics Classes in Singapore

14 May 2020

  Can you recall all the times you had to read in school? From mandatory reading sessions to the English oral examination, reading is an...

Your Best Options for Maths Tuition in Tampines

24 January 2020

Singapore Math has always been on the top 10 worldwide because of how fast students learn it. Even though it is a complicated subject, Singapore's...