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Dyscalculia in Singapore: Why can’t I Excel in Math?

20 January 2021

Do you struggle with Math despite putting in tons of effort to understand the concepts and time to practice? Have you been told that you’re...

Does Learning Mathematics in School Help Us in Real Life?

15 January 2021

“Is learning math really relevant to me when I progress in life?” “What can I get out of memorising this formula when I start working...

9 Simple Tips to Improve Your E-Maths From F9 To A1 that are Guaranteed to Work!

23 December 2020

Math can be a very scary subject for some students. No matter how much they pay attention in class, they just can’t seem to grasp...

A Singapore Parent’s Guide to Buying Math Assessment books

03 July 2020

For many Singaporean parents, their child’s math exams are very important. Besides hunting for ten year series test papers (or free test papers), they will...

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