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Has AI Gone Too Far? The Controversies of Homework “Helpers”

19 April 2024

Remember the days where we laughed at the idea of robots taking over the world? Be surprised, the old Terminator movies are turning into reality!...

How Early Should You Start Teaching Your Child About Money?

07 April 2024

It begins with the first grocery trip. Or sometimes, it’s when they want a new toy. It would be the start of a long conversation...

Stereotypes in School: What ”Classroom Archetype” Do You Belong to?

03 April 2024

Here’s a fun article for you students out there! Or even adults looking to reminisce about your school days?  Ever wondered why stereotypes always seem...

Level Up as a Tutor! How to Teach Effectively With Gamification

14 March 2024

Hey look! Your student’s not paying attention to your lessons again! Those faces don’t belong to someone who looks like they’re actually studying. Some of...

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