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How Reading the Same Book Repeatedly Can Benefit Your Kids in the Long Run

17 May 2022

Reading books is generally considered an excellent way for kids to learn and support their growth and development. Aside from teaching them valuable life lessons,...

How Can Parents Help Tutors?

05 May 2022

Previously, we interviewed one of our tutors, Ms Niki Wang, for our other article “What's So Special About Being a Tutor? Interviews With Those Who...

How Can Tutors Use the School Holidays To Their Advantage?

03 May 2022

The school holidays are what students always look forward to as they get to rest and have fun. There are no classes, and they get...

Why is Good Grammar So Important?

02 May 2022

Grammar is the foundation of good English. It is the basic unit of all our sentences and such. It could be a headache for some...

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