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Play Before Work or Work Before Play?

06 February 2023

[Pexels, Lum3n] From young, my mother told me that it’s important to work before playing, so that I could relax fully after I finished my...

Which Factors Should You Consider to Choose the Right Music School?

06 February 2023

[Unsplash, Geert Pieters] Music is an integral part of many cultures and has a special place in many people’s lives. It’s often considered a universal...

Where to Get Singing Lessons in Singapore

01 February 2023

Are you a young student or adult looking to transition from a bathroom singer to a successful artist? If you are, then the first thing...

Best Online Tutoring Apps for Students

24 January 2023

When your child starts falling behind in school, or an important test is coming up, getting them a tutor always comes up as a first...

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