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Wuhan Coronavirus: How to Turn This into a Learning Moment

01 March 2020

It is true that the Wuhan Coronavirus is a concern every one of us should look out for in case it spreads in our community....

Complete Guide to Primary School Transfers in Singapore

12 February 2020

Are you considering changing primary school for your child? If that is a yes, it isn't a decision that you should take lightly since it...

12% of Student Cohort to Undergo the “Work-study Pathway” by 2030

23 January 2020

Singapore is now working on increasing the rate of students who will take the "work-study pathway" by 2030. This was announced by Minister of Education...

Online Courses in Singapore – Corporate Training, Career & Skills

15 January 2020

Why take online courses? Because it is the new trend? No. Because it allows you to learn and grow as a person. Whether you love...

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