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10 Ways to Encourage Creative Thinking in Your Child

27 July 2021

In the past, it was commonly assumed that children were either born with creative skills or were not.  Fortunately, educators have now realized that creativity...

How To Prevent Students From Cheating During Remote Learning

29 June 2021

As the pandemic is ongoing, home-based learning has become a challenge both for teachers and students. One of the issues that teachers might face is...

How to Make Your Math Classes More Fun and Interactive

26 June 2021

Let's face it; most students don't like math. To them, math is complicated and are tortuous. So if you’re wondering how you can make your...

How OWIS Promotes Scientific Inquiry and Thinking

16 June 2021

One World International School has earned a reputation for being an international school that promotes an inquiry-based approach to education. For students aged 3 to...

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