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How to Make the Right Friends if You’re an Introvert Student

25 November 2020

Are you someone who rather stays at home, cuddled up in your bed while your friends are out raving? Well, if that’s your preferred lifestyle,...

How to Choose your IB Diploma Subjects?

17 October 2020

Students often have different opinions when it comes to the IB program. Some say it is the toughest undertaking any student can take because of...

10 Key Information O Level Private Candidates in Singapore Should Know

10 October 2020

Most O Level candidates take their exams as a school student and information on the exams are easily available during classroom sessions. Whereas as a...

How to Stop Overthinking During Your Exam Period

23 September 2020

Are you the type of person who panics before a major exam? Or are you the person who read and reread the same exam question...

What Happens When I Fail a Subject in Poly?

02 September 2020

Failing a subject is one of the greatest fears of every student. It can spell disaster for a student’s academic career, especially if they want...

Where to Find Internship Jobs in Singapore?

28 July 2020

Internships are important for any graduating Singaporean students who wish to get preliminary working experience before they enter the corporate world. It is where they...