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What Happens When I Fail a Subject in Poly?

02 September 2020

Failing a subject is one of the greatest fears of every student. It can spell disaster for a student’s academic career, especially if they want...

Where to Find Internship Jobs in Singapore?

28 July 2020

Internships are important for any graduating Singaporean students who wish to get preliminary working experience before they enter the corporate world. It is where they...

10 Reasons Why Students Should Do Internships

19 July 2020

When students reach their graduation year, in some courses, they are allow to choose to take on the internship paths while other courses have mandatory...

How to Choose a Private University in Singapore

02 July 2020

Singapore is often seen by many as one of Asia’s education hubs, which is why many international students flock the country for their studies. Its...

Is CCA Compulsory in JC and Poly?

26 June 2020

Do you find yourself running out of time as a student? Cramping lessons, homework and tuition in a week, you wish you can drop CCA...

Local vs. Private Universities: How to Decide?

21 June 2020

Singapore is one of the best locations in the world for students who wish to pursue tertiary education. The country is home to several top...