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Working as a Tuition Coordinator

Your main job as a tuition coordinator is to help us to receive, manage, and close tuition assignments. You do not have to source for new clients, but handle any incoming tutor requests through our website or phone calls.


Call and liaise with parents to find out their requirements


Liaise directly with tutors from our database, such as shortlisting and matching the right tutor to our client.


Match the tutor, confirm the job & provide administrative support (following up on payment status) & customer service (when parent or tutor needs any assistance)

Working Hours and Remuneration

Our office is open Monday to Sunday: 0900 hours – 2000 hours
Your working hours can be negotiated at different shifts according to your preference and availability at the start of employment, but once it’s fixed it should remain consistent without changes. You are required to work minimum 1 weekend and minimum 4 weekdays. Each workday should be between 8.75 hours (excluding 1 hour lunch break.)

Example A: Tues 9am-645pm, Wed 10.15am-8pm, Thurs 9am-645pm, Fri 1015-8pm, Sat 10.15-8pm
Example B: Tues 10.15am-8pm, Thurs 9am-645pm, Fri 10.15-8pm, Sat 9am-645, Sun 10.15-8pm
Example C: Mon 10.15-8pm, Tues 10.15-8pm, Wed 10.15-8pm, Fri 10.15-8pm, Sun 10.15-8pm

You will have a 5-day fixed shift with 1h flexible lunch break per day. You will not be required to work earlier than 9am or later than 8pm. Shift is permanent. You are entitled to per day. PH, AL, SL all provided as per MOM regulations. OT, when required, will be paid

Lv-1 Coordinator $1.8k-$2.2k (probation)
Lv-2 Coordinator $1.9k-$2.2k (min. 3mth)
Lv-3 Coordinator $2k-$2.2k (min. 6mth)
Senior Coordinator $2.1-$2.3k (min.1yr)
Sales/Product/Customer Service Advisor $2.3k-$2.5k (min. 1.5yr)
Senior Sales/Product/Customer Service Advisor $2.5k-$2.8k (min. 2.5yr)
Supervisor $3.5k++

Benefits include: paid overtime, full leave benefits, flexible schedule (can swap workday w colleagues), excellent progression, annual performance bonus, guaranteed annual increment, pantry with food and drinks of your choice, company meals for events and celebrations, and WICA insurance.

Work Environment

Report to work at our spacious air-conditioned office located in WCEGA Tower, few bus stops from Bukit Batok MRT. You will not need to meet any clients or tutors. You may report for work in casual attire. A desk will be prepared for you, along with a Windows PC. (Desk may be shared due to rotating shift)

Qualities We Are Looking For

Thirst For Excellence

We believe that while skills can be taught, work ethic cannot be forced. You are responsible in ensuring you maintain a strong work ethic, remaining committed each and every day to fulfil or even surpass what is expected of you – for instance, serving customers promptly and adequately. While we have various systems in place to monitor our coordinators, we are still placing our trust that you will be a responsible, diligent and committed coordinator.

In SmileTutor, we have a culture of excellence. We demand that our coordinators give their best effort to give the best service and always strive to surpass their own achievements. This is how we differentiate ourselves from the many tuition agencies in Singapore.

Apptitude For Team Spirirt

In SmileTutor, we work hard and we play hard. We also believe that teamwork is essential for success. While pulling your own weight is essential, we value team members who put in the extra mile to also help out other team members. Being able to relate and work well with your colleagues will be a very important step to fitting into our company.

Highly Organised

The tuition coordinating process of receiving tutor requests, prospecting clients, finding tutors, recommending, and confirming any tuition assignments is an intricate one. For instance, receiving phone calls to recommending tutors should not take more than 24 hours. You are required to follow-up with parents every 24 hours if they have not replied to your recommended tutors. You shall confirm the assignment asap and finalize any admin data required.

Making mistakes WILL cost us time, money, and most important, our reputation. Furthermore, you will be handling a large number of assignments as our full-time coordinator. Hence, being highly organized is an important trait to be a tuition coordinator in SmileTutor.

Computer Proficiency

You will be required to administrate jobs that were assigned to you through our online system. The action(s) required include: lodge/edit details, set statuses for jobs, update job details, shortlist tutors, send SMS, finalize jobs, send invoice etc. Basic IT knowledge and familiarity with using the computer (especially typing) is needed. A typing test will be conducted during your interview.

Customer Service Communication

As the frontline representing SmileTutor, you are expected to uphold professionalism at all times in your communication with clients and tutors. Being rude or unprofessional to our clients or tutors is a big no-no.

You must be courteous, professional and helpful to customers. Some customers can be rude or demanding, but you must be able to contain your own anger, act patiently and professional, and know how to handle them. Of course, there are plenty of friendly customers who are a joy to serve. You will also be interacting with tutors a lot (mostly via sms or short phone calls).

Sales Experience

Sales is big part of what we do. “If we can’t sell them, we can’t help them”. That’s what we believe in. Candidates who have sales experience are highly preferred.

Why be a Tuition Coordinator

Tuition coordinating is not about ruthlessly trying to close deals. Home tuition is a serious need that Singaporean families have and a lot of parents pay their hard-earned money in the hopes that their child’s education will improve.We believe that tuition coordinating is a truly valuable service. We put our heart into serving our clients and tutors to the best of our abilities because we believe that coordinating tuition is making an impact into the lives of others.

You’ll start to truly love your job when for the first time a parent comes back to you and sincerely thank you for your great service, telling you how thankful they are that you’ve found them a good tutor and how their kids are enjoying the lessons so much and improving rapidly. Not only that, but training will be provided where you will learn first-hand the ropes and everything you need to know to start being an excellent tuition coordinator. You will learn invaluable core skills such as sales, customer service, and administration.

Ready to Apply to be a Tuition Coordinator?

Submit an email application to Rum Tan at email. with the following documents, which should also include:

Cover Letter

1. Why you would like to apply for this job and your goal and/or motivation,
2. Your strengths and abilities that make you a good candidate,
3. Your ability to commit, and
4. Any questions you have


1. Working experience
2. Education
3. Expected salary
4. Last drawn payslip

After we receive the email, we may correspond with you for more details if we find you suitable. Then, we may arrange for a face-to-face interview to ask you questions, get to know you and further assess your suitability.

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