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About Us

The SmileTutor Story

SmileTutor is the industry-leading tuition agency that delivers an unparalleled level of service. With the industry’s most comprehensive tutor database and experienced coordinators, our services help parents, students, and tutors find each other more Efficiently, Effectively, and Easily.

At SmileTutor, we don’t just believe in the effectiveness of tutoring, we believe in the power of a good education – the difference it can make when students are well-equipped with the help they need. These students are the future of our nation and the world we live in.

Our services are 100% free and we pride ourselves on successfully matching our clients with the most suitable and qualified tutors. All you have to do is fill in our simple request form.

Our Values




Our slogan and motto is “Efficient, Effective, and Easy”. This means we work efficiently to provide effective Singapore private tutor-matching services to our clients and tutors. We are easy to work with, and make it easy for you. The driving meaning behind this motto is our focused dedication to serve our tutors and clients to the best of our abilities. If you are seeking for a private tutor in Singapore, please do not hesitate to send us a tutor request now.

Our Vision

Our vision is to transform the home tuition industry and become the largest, most successful tuition agency in Singapore. We can achieve this mission by building a reputation for our efficient tutor-matching, great customer service, responsible coordinators, and ethical business practices towards clients & tutors..

Making a Difference

For Your Education

Home tutoring is one of the noblest professions on earth. In Singapore, the demand for home tuition is extremely high and it is ever-increasing thanks to the focus on education. It is an undeniable fact that those who succeed academically have a greater chance of being successful in their adult lives. Whether it is getting a successful employment or starting a business, going to good schools allows one to receive the best teaching instruction and make valuable networks.

These days, the academic syllabus is getting harder and more competitive. We recognize the growing importance and difficulty in finding good tutors, hence we started hiring tutors and eventually founded SmileTutor’s tuition services – to help serve Singaporeans by helping them to receive the best private tuition Singapore we can

Revolutionising the Private Tuition Industry in Singapore

At SmileTutor, we have one goal in mind – to deliver the best service and the best tutors, everytime.

As a tuition agency, providing good service the heart of what we do, but education is what we truly care about. Our team helps over 30,000 students find their ideal private tutor every year, enabling them to receive the academic help they need.

Our belief is that every student deserves a smile. A caring and dedicated tutor can go a long way in making a positive difference in every students’ life.

Sourcing our Best Educators and Tutors Industry in Singapore

We source for private tutors through online advertisements, referrals, and through our website. Through the years, thousands of tutors from all over Singapore has registered with us. Our large database of tutors ranging from part-time undergraduate tutors to current MOE teachers ensures that we are always able to meet our clients needs. Our network of tutors is also routinely maintained to ensure that we only match high quality tutors to our clients.

Whether our tutors teach purely for passion or to earn some income, we make it easy for them to find a steady flow of students who need their tutoring services; tutors simply fill out our home tutor registration forms and we’ll pair them up with students that suits their teaching experience, preferred locations and tuition rates.