Must read articles for Early Childhood

4 Simple Ways Tutors Can Motivate Young Readers

20 January 2022

Reading books can be boring for young children who have a hard time staying still and face difficulties in understanding the benefits of reading. Reading...

Life Lessons from 5 Disney Movies

20 January 2022

Disney is known for so many of our childhood cartoons such as Mickey Mouse and all the classic fairytale movies like Cinderella. Children love the...

How to Grow Closer to Your Child

17 January 2022

Amicable parent-child relationships are hard to find these days. In many families, parents and their children simply blame their distance on the generational gap and...

A Complete Guide to Abacus Classes in Singapore

28 December 2021

Before the invention of the Arabic numeral system, a “counting frame” was used to make calculations. This frame is known as the Abacus, which is...

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