Must read articles for Early Childhood

Singapore Child Care Subsidies in 2020

30 December 2019

For parents, childcare services are very important. It provides parents with peace of mind at work and not have to worry about their children as...

Should You Send Your Kids to a Co-Ed or Same Gender School?

26 December 2019

When you are picking a school for your child, you will probably find yourself wondering if it would be good to enrol your child in...

8 Ways that Going to a Childcare in Singapore Helps To Prepare Your Kid for Primary School

13 December 2019

In Singapore, nurseries or childcare centres are a great place to enrol kids if parents like myself do not have time to watch over them....

Ways to Increase My Child’s Reading Speed

07 November 2019

For young kids, one of the first subjects they will learn in school is reading. Reading is a good way for kids to learn new...

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