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Are All Gen Z Students at risk of ADHD?

16 July 2024

Look. We’ve been through the same rodeo about kids being kids.  They’re hyperactive, sensitive and always never seem to run out of energy. Catch a...

7 Good Modern Habits Your Child Needs to Stand Out!

12 July 2024

  Ever heard of the saying, “humans are creatures of habit”? It’s a famous saying by American psychologist G. Stanley Hall. Habits gained while young...

What is Bluey? The cartoon taking the world by storm

08 July 2024

In the last couple of months, a new cartoon seems to have exploded onto screens big and small everywhere. Enter Bluey, a cartoon hailing from...

Parenting Hacks: 5 Fun and Effective Ways to Reward Your Child

02 January 2024

[Pexels] As parents, we all want our children to know that their hard work and accomplishments are valued and appreciated. We want them to play...

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