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Are We Too Focused on Grades in Singapore?

06 August 2020

Academic performance in Singapore is often pushed to children because it is believed that the better they perform at school, the better their chances are...

A Singapore Parent’s Guide to Buying Math Assessment books

03 July 2020

For many Singaporean parents, their child’s math exams are very important. Besides hunting for ten year series test papers (or free test papers), they will...

Most Common Pronunciation Mistakes in English Oral Exams Made By Singapore Students

28 June 2020

Oral exams are an important part of every language course for students because this allows both students and parents to see if they are starting...

Changes to National Exams in 2020: List of Topics Removed from PSLE, N Level, O Level and A Level

26 June 2020

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Singapore Schools from all levels were closed for 2 months and online learning was made the alternative to help students keep up...

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