Must read articles for Social studies

How Can I Support My Child In His Social Studies?

10 December 2018

Social studies are among the required subjects your child will have to take in Secondary Three. Thus, in order for you to counsel your Secondary...

Social Studies: Why it is Important for Your Child?

03 December 2018

Social Science is a subdivision of the study that deals with Human Beings. It covers things like their relationships, growth and development, behavior, the resources...

4 Easy Ways to get Kids Interested in Social Studies

01 December 2018

Parents always want that their children to be well prepared for their future lives. This is not only for their upcoming exams or even result...

5 Singapore Myths About Studying For Humanities Subjects

19 May 2018

The Humanities include courses like Sociology, Political Science, Music, Literature, and the like. Typically, a Humanities subject is one that would earn you a Bachelor...

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