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Complete Guide to Singapore Scams 2023: Protect Yourself & Loved Ones

03 October 2023

Ding! You’ve received a WhatsApp notification.  It’s coming from an unknown sender.  “YOUR DAUGHTER IS KIDNAP. IF YOU WANT HER SAFE BANK $5000 NOW. DONT...

Kinderland Incident: Who Is Really to Blame for the Recent Preschool Abuse Case

14 September 2023

[The Straits Times] It’s happening again. A taboo of society, happening in the unlikeliest of places.  A recent preschool abuse incident blew up in social...

Tips on Scoring A1 on O-Level Social Studies

16 October 2021

Amongst all the subjects available on the O-Level curriculum, Social Studies would be one of the most likely to take the top spot when it...

Essential Info About Combined Humanities in Secondary School

31 December 2020

Secondary Two students moving to Secondary Three will notice that there is a compulsory subject named Combined Humanities.  Students will also notice that they will...

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