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How to Give Your Child a Head Start for the Next Academic Year

29 November 2022

[Pexels] In Singapore, it is common practice for parents to give their children a head start for the new academic year. After all, this eases...

DSA Interviews: How to Set Your Child Up for Success

21 November 2022

[Twenty20] What are ‘DSA interviews’ in Primary School? They are interviews that your child goes through during the Direct School Admissions (DSA) for their secondary...

Holiday Camp in Singapore — Best Way to Keep Your Child Busy on Holidays

10 November 2022

[Image by Newtonshow Camp] With the holidays coming up, many parents will be looking out for ways to keep their children occupied. Fortunately, there are...

Preparing Your Child for Secondary School

05 November 2022

[theAsianparent] In Singapore’s education system, the transition from primary to secondary school is a major transition that students must go through. This often leads to...

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