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What to Do When Your Child Do Badly in His Prelims

22 August 2020

Every parent wants their children to succeed in everything they do, especially in their exams. Their exams will be key to their academic success and...

What To Do If Your Child Runs Away From Home?

02 August 2020

For every parent and adult taking care of a child, it is their greatest fear for their children to run away or go missing. There...

5 Best Parenting Podcasts for Singapore Parents – To Listen on the go

13 July 2020

Parenting is no walk in the park and if you are a first-time parent and always on the go, it can be difficult to grasp...

How to Raise Globally Minded Kids without Traveling Out of Singapore

09 July 2020

With the internet connecting the world, children are now becoming more aware of global issues than before. For parents, explaining these issues isn't easy and...

10 Confidence-Boosting Books for Singapore Kindergarten Kids

27 June 2020

When your kids hit kindergarten, they will meet new people with personalities unlike their own. Some kids may find it easy to interact with them,...

The Cheapest International Schools in Singapore

23 June 2020

International schools are known for having expensive school fees that continue to increase each year. However, enrolling a child in these schools offers a lot...