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Choosing Your Subject Combination for Upper Secondary? Here’s What You Must Know

12 April 2022

In your first two years in secondary school, you explored many different subjects and learned many new things. And now, it is time for you...

How do SAP schools Inculcate Chinese Culture in Their Curriculum?

21 March 2022

According to the Ministry of Education (MOE), the Special Assistance Plan (SAP) was set up in 1979 “to develop bilingual students", "as part of Singapore’s...

Want an Extraordinary CCA for Secondary School? Here Are 5 That You Might Not Have Thought Of

19 March 2022

Are you a Primary 6 student deciding on your secondary school? Want to have an enriching next few years of your life with a fun...

My Teen Kid is Dating – What Should I as a Parent do?

11 December 2021

So, you’ve recently found out that your teenage child is seeing someone. You feel doubtful about the relationship. Will it affect their studies?  What if...

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