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Wuhan Coronavirus: How to Turn This into a Learning Moment

01 March 2020

It is true that the Wuhan Coronavirus is a concern every one of us should look out for in case it spreads in our community....

Schools Step Up Precautions after Singapore Raises Wuhan Coronavirus COVID-19 Outbreak Alert to Orange

28 February 2020

The spread of the coronavirus in Singapore and worldwide has incited fear amongst many students in the country. In responsive, the Ministry of Education’s latest...

Wuhan Coronavirus COVID-19 Outbreak: Assemblies, Mass Lectures and Orientation Programmes Disrupted

25 February 2020

Singapore’s Ministry of Education (MOE) has enforced its newest measures this week to prevent any local transmission of the Wuhan coronavirus from affecting schools across...

Compulsory Leave of Absence due to Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak: How are Students Affected?

08 February 2020

On Friday, January 31, the Singaporean Ministry of Education (MOE) releases its official announcement urging students and staff under a compulsory leave of absence (LOA)...

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