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Tutor’s Survival Guide for Dealing with Difficult Parents

01 July 2020

Dealing with difficult parents can be a nightmare for tutors. Although they are only being difficult because they want what is best for their children,...

How Parents Can Help to Improve Your Child’s Articulation Skills for Oral Exams

01 July 2020

You may have noticed that every child tends to vary when it comes to how their speech patterns develop. Some children will be able to...

How to Get Useful Feedback from Your Student’s Parents

19 June 2020

Before you begin tutoring your student, it is important that you build a good relationship with their parents. This will enable both you and the...

Are You Humiliating Your Students Without Even Knowing It?

13 June 2020

Students come in all types of behaviours that make them unique from one another. As a tutor, dealing with these different learning styles and personalities...

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