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How to Make Lessons Fun for Teenagers

21 March 2023

[Pexels, Pixabay] Having lessons day in, day out can make things boring for students. To keep them engaged in their learning, it’s important to make...

The Importance of Teaching Mother Tongue

28 February 2023

[iStock] What is a Mother Tongue Language (MTL)?  An MTL is typically the language you first encountered at birth, are best at, and use the...

Heavy Reliance on Tuition: Why Is It Bad?

18 February 2023

[123RF] In Singapore, tuition is seen as a ‘necessity’ for students to do well. This has led to many parents sending their children to tuition...

Tutors Do More Than They Realise

07 February 2023

[Pexels, Cats Coming] Tutors don’t always work normal office hours—for private tutors, workdays can end at 9pm or even later.  However, when it comes to...

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