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An Edu-preneur Who Believes in Multi-Sensory Learning

22 January 2022

Many parents, teachers, tutors, and students believe that “mugging” (slang: pushing oneself to study for long hours) or drilling on assessment books is the way...

Life Lessons from 5 Disney Movies

20 January 2022

Disney is known for so many of our childhood cartoons such as Mickey Mouse and all the classic fairytale movies like Cinderella. Children love the...

Best Tips to Help Children Increase their Focus

06 January 2022

People often find themselves struggling with staying focused. It is the same for both grown-ups and youngsters. However, it is fair to say that older...

The Approach to Finding Joy in Secondary Math

06 January 2022

It’s true that learning mathematical concepts at the Secondary school level requires work. But Math should be exciting, not tedious. For many older children, the...

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