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How to Prepare Yourself Mentally for the Upcoming A Levels Exams

29 May 2024

With A-Levels around the corner, most students are feeling the heat. Despite going through their revision, A-Levels students always feel burned out, stressed, and exhausted...

The Real Way to Become Productive: How to Stop Procrastinating?

13 May 2024

It’s Friday night. You’ve just come back from school, showered and ready to tackle the homework assigned for the week. So you take out your...

Has AI Gone Too Far? The Controversies of Homework “Helpers”

19 April 2024

Remember the days where we laughed at the idea of robots taking over the world? Be surprised, the old Terminator movies are turning into reality!...

How Early Should You Start Teaching Your Child About Money?

07 April 2024

It begins with the first grocery trip. Or sometimes, it’s when they want a new toy. It would be the start of a long conversation...

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