Must read articles for A level

The University Admission Score: Calculating Your Rank Points

03 December 2021

In Singapore, your rank points can significantly impact where you go to university, especially if you’re looking to gain admissions into a specific course or...

Your Ultimate Guide to IGCSE Schools in Singapore

01 November 2021

Every child is unique and talented in their own way. And as such, it only makes sense that you find a curriculum that offers them...

How to Help A-Level Students Avoid Burn-Out at the Last Push

01 November 2021

The written examinations for A-Levels are just commencing and stress is in the air. Students are most prone to suffer from burnouts at this crucial...

The Ultimate Guide on Private Candidates and A-Level Exams

29 August 2021

For students taking A-level exams, a large majority, if not all of them, would always comment about it being extremely difficult. Fortunately, some of these...

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