Must read articles for A level

1 in 5 students in Singapore expect starting salaries of S$4,000 or more

15 March 2020

A recent survey indicates that a majority of Singaporean students today are expecting high salary once they start working. In the survey released on November...

Chemistry Tuition: Ultimate Guide for Parents in Singapore

24 January 2020

I fondly remember my school days when I curiously fumbled with test tubes and colorful chemicals during a school-based practical assessment. It was fun. But...

Thinking What to Do After A Levels? Here’s Your Answer

26 March 2019

The truth is, most people don’t have their lives figured out. They go with the flow, guided with a rough idea in their heads about...

A Levels for Adults: Everything You Need to Know

19 March 2019

The GCE Advanced Level (A level) qualification is the shortest and most direct route to university. It’s sought after not only by students that have...

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