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How to Support Your Child Learning a Third Language?

10 September 2022

[iStock] What is ‘third language’? It is a language subject available to your child if they obtained a score of 24 or better in their...

Why Students Should Use Social Media as a Learning Platform

05 September 2022

Usage of social media in classrooms is at its historical peak. Students have successfully integrated social media into each aspect of their daily school life....

How Digital Learning Tools Can Effectively Enhance Education

07 July 2022

Digital learning refers to any type of learning that makes use of technology. Its application encompasses a wide spectrum of practices such as virtual and...

My Experience as a Content Writer Intern at SmileTutor

28 May 2022

Internships are a big part of most poly students’ lives. Like most final-year students, I was required to work together with my school to do...

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