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How Young Children can Improve on Their Chinese Handwriting

05 August 2021

Learning to recognise Chinese characters and how to write them can be hard for young children to master. Many characters have similar strokes but with...

Benefits of Renting Office Space for Giving Tuition

15 July 2021

While the pandemic is ongoing, many people have been working from home by default. When an outbreak happens, home-based learning for schools was also made...

7 Sure-Fire Tips to Ace your Geography Exams – Thank Us Later!

30 June 2021

Do you find it tough to score an A for your geography exams? Well, in some ways it’s quite understandable why students find geography a...

48 Best Tuition Centres in Singapore [2021 Ultimate List]

16 June 2021

If you ask your child whether they need tuition, the answer is most likely going to be a definite NO. However, as parents, you have...

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