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Covid-19 Arrangements for National Exam Takers including PSLE, N Levels, O Levels and A Levels

05 September 2020

With the COVID-19 pandemic still lingering across the country, the Singapore government announced new arrangements for this year’s national examinations. The dates for the PSLE...

Are We Too Focused on Grades in Singapore?

06 August 2020

Academic performance in Singapore is often pushed to children because it is believed that the better they perform at school, the better their chances are...

CCAs to Gradually Resume in Schools: Why They are as Important as Classroom Studies

11 July 2020

Schools in Singapore are slowly reopening more activities for their students as the government tries to normalise school operations for students. The latest changes the...

8 Best Private Universities in Singapore

18 June 2020

With the current Covid-19 pandemic, many students are now searching for schools locally instead of going abroad for their studies. A bleak view of the...

MOE Reduce More than A Third of GCE Coursework Assessment Tasks

04 June 2020

Those taking their GCE will find their assessment tasks reduced due to the changes brought by the COVID-19 outbreak to the country’s education sector. Early...

All Aspects of 6 Singapore Universities’ Admissions Process Have Gone Online

25 May 2020

Despite the economic recession and the scarcity of jobs in Singapore, studies show that young Singaporeans are still eager to get into college, especially now...