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How to Communicate to Parents about their Child’s Progress

15 September 2020

Every tutor must not just have a good relationship with their students in order to make their working relationship last. They must also make it...

8 Reading Comprehension Strategies You Can Use In Your Exams

11 September 2020

Learning how to read is a challenging skill for many students to learn, especially younger students. As they move from one reading material to another,...

What to Do When Your Child Do Badly in His Prelims

22 August 2020

Every parent wants their children to succeed in everything they do, especially in their exams. Their exams will be key to their academic success and...

Proven Tips to Help Your Young Child Discover How to Plan and Prioritize His Time

18 August 2020

Children often find it difficult to manage their time because they are overwhelmed with the activities they have to do. While teaching time management can...

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