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Is CCA Compulsory in JC and Poly?

26 June 2020

Do you find yourself running out of time as a student? Cramping lessons, homework and tuition in a week, you wish you can drop CCA...

10 Life Skills that Singapore Teenagers can Learn during Circuit Breaker

09 May 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has put many countries at a standstill and confined everyone into their homes. In Singapore, the government has strengthened its social distancing...

Students from Graduating Cohorts are Allowed to Go Back to School from May 19

06 May 2020

Singapore is slowly loosening up its “circuit breaker” measures as the country tries to reintroduce normalcy for its people. In the education sector, the Ministry...

1 in 5 students in Singapore expect starting salaries of S$4,000 or more

15 March 2020

A recent survey indicates that a majority of Singaporean students today are expecting high salary once they start working. In the survey released on November...

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