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Should You Spot Questions for Your Student?

24 September 2022

[Adobe Stock] What does it mean to ‘spot questions’? Also known as predicting questions, this is usually done during the exam period when students and...

Is Music Helpful or Distracting?

19 September 2022

[iStock] In the 2019 National Music Consumption Survey done by National Arts Council (NAC), it showed that 36% of the time, Singaporeans listen to music...

How Does Nutrition Affect Your Exam Performance?

15 September 2022

[Pexels] Have you ever heard of this saying: “eating junk food spoils your brain” or any statement with the same connotation? This comes with the...

Two-Column Note-Taking Strategy: How to Apply it to Your Lessons

12 September 2022

[iStock] Studies show that when students actively take notes during our lessons, it helps them focus during the lesson. It also breaks down the content...

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