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6 Mistakes to Avoid in Writing Your A Level GP Essay

22 February 2021

General papers are a challenge to write for some students because they are uncertain how to write it efficiently. Some may write beyond what is...

What Happens If I’m Not Good at English?

05 February 2021

English is one of the most spoken languages in the world. It’s a language that has had a huge influence on this world due to...

9 Simple Tips to Improve Your E-Maths From F9 To A1 that are Guaranteed to Work!

23 December 2020

Math can be a very scary subject for some students. No matter how much they pay attention in class, they just can’t seem to grasp...

The Best Preschools in Singapore

06 November 2020

Singapore is known for having one of the most extensive selection of schools for any education level. As parents, choosing from these schools is difficult,...

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