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Homeschool vs. Unschooling: What are the Differences?

26 May 2020

In the light of this Covid-19 Circuit-breaker measures like introduction of home based learning, many workplaces and schools are closed, parents and children are forced...

Top Online Education Discount on Laptops for Your Child’s Home-based Learning amid Covid-19 Pandemic

19 April 2020

Since the beginning of the outbreak of Covid-19 in the country, the Ministry of Education has announced here the start of home-based learning to ensure...

Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (SMO) Guide for Parents

27 March 2020

Singapore is always known for having an efficient math curriculum that many schools worldwide are trying to replicate. Children who undergo Singapore’s math curriculum often...

Complete Guide to Primary School Transfers in Singapore

12 February 2020

Are you considering changing primary school for your child? If that is a yes, it isn't a decision that you should take lightly since it...

Should You Send Your Kids to a Co-Ed or Same Gender School?

26 December 2019

When you are picking a school for your child, you will probably find yourself wondering if it would be good to enrol your child in...

Transitioning from Primary to Secondary School: What You Need to Know

19 December 2019

Your child has finally done and passed their PSLE and now heading to another milestone in their life: transitioning to secondary school. When a child...