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Schools Merging: How Will This Affect Students?

20 August 2022

[Facebook] Many of us have heard of or experienced the 2019 school merges. Where the Ministry of Education (MOE) merged 28 schools, and it seems...

6 Entertaining Shows That Are Actually Educational

21 July 2022

[iStock] As students, our parents often told us that television shows are bad for us and that it 'rots our brains'. But recently, studies have...

Is the Future of Teaching Virtual?

25 June 2022

[iStock] When you think about schools and education, what do you think of? The traditional brick-and-mortar classrooms full of students and teachers at the front?...

How do SAP schools Inculcate Chinese Culture in Their Curriculum?

21 March 2022

According to the Ministry of Education (MOE), the Special Assistance Plan (SAP) was set up in 1979 “to develop bilingual students", "as part of Singapore’s...

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