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How Young Children can Improve on Their Chinese Handwriting

05 August 2021

Learning to recognise Chinese characters and how to write them can be hard for young children to master. Many characters have similar strokes but with...

10 Ways to Encourage Creative Thinking in Your Child

27 July 2021

In the past, it was commonly assumed that children were either born with creative skills or were not.  Fortunately, educators have now realized that creativity...

Art Lessons in Primary School: Why, What and How

20 July 2021

Personally, art is really not my thing. I've done so poorly in it in school that my teacher told me to give it up. Nevertheless,...

40 Best English Tuition Centre & Home Tuition Options [2021]

22 June 2021

English is arguably the most important subject in your child's education. Being good at English helps your child to do well not just in the...

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