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How to Help Your Child Overcome Performance Anxiety

01 May 2021

Is your child terrified of performing in front of a crowd? Or perhaps your child is breaking down on the exam day? Performance anxiety is...

Transitioning from Primary to Secondary School? What to Expect

27 April 2021

The transition from primary school to secondary school can be quite intimidating, and even stressful. But the first few days of school will also be...

SJI International Scholarship Applications Now Open!!

20 March 2021

Applications are now open for SJI International Scholarships commencing in 2022! Any questions you may have will be answered at their Scholarship Information Evening on...

What Happens If I’m Not Good at English?

05 February 2021

English is one of the most spoken languages in the world. It’s a language that has had a huge influence on this world due to...

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