Must read articles for PSLE

How to Appeal for a Secondary School Posting in Singapore

16 December 2020

For students who are taking their PSLE and moving up to Secondary 1, one of their top goals is to be able to enter the...

A to Z Guide to the Secondary 1 Posting Exercise

08 December 2020

Before the start of PSLE, many parents worry over their child's selection of secondary schools as a entering a good school often means a brighter...

Top 10 Secondary Schools in Singapore 2020-21

21 October 2020

For many parents in Singapore, our child’s Primary School Leaving Examinations is a huge milestone. Their scores will determine the secondary school they go to....

20 Useful Chengyu (Idioms) That You Can Use in Your N Level Chinese Composition

12 September 2020

Are you currently taking up your N Level for Chinese? If that is a yes, you may be wondering how you can improve your Chinese...

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