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Pros and Cons of Large Childcare in Singapore

30 November 2020

Enrolling your child into the best childcare facility in Singapore is a challenging venture because there are a lot of options you can choose from....

How to Make the Right Friends if You’re an Introvert Student

25 November 2020

Are you someone who rather stays at home, cuddled up in your bed while your friends are out raving? Well, if that’s your preferred lifestyle,...

The Impact of COVID-19 On Singapore’s Teenagers – And What Parents Can Do

25 November 2020

COVID-19 has shifted life for everyone. In Singapore, there is still an ongoing Phase 2 raised to prevent socialising and to reduce unnecessary contact. While...

6 Ways to Communicate to Your Students with Special Needs

14 November 2020

Every child is unique. Especially for children with special needs who need extra help to showcase their full potential. Some of these children need more...

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