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Best 16 Study Spots with Free Wi-Fi in Singapore

19 September 2020

After school, it is very difficult for some students to find a perfect study spot where they can review and revise. While there are students...

How to Communicate to Parents about their Child’s Progress

15 September 2020

Every tutor must not just have a good relationship with their students in order to make their working relationship last. They must also make it...

10 Common Mistakes to Avoid in the PSLE English Comprehension Exam

03 September 2020

Is your child having trouble acing his or her English comprehension practice tests? Or do you want to improve his scores on this section of...

What Happens When I Fail a Subject in Poly?

02 September 2020

Failing a subject is one of the greatest fears of every student. It can spell disaster for a student’s academic career, especially if they want...

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