Must read articles for Student Well-Being

How Does Nutrition Affect Your Exam Performance?

15 September 2022

[Pexels] Have you ever heard of this saying: “eating junk food spoils your brain” or any statement with the same connotation? This comes with the...

Chan Chun Sing: Why Singapore Students Must Cultivate Curiosity for Lifelong Learning

13 September 2022

Minister for Education, Mr Chan Chun Sing, informed an audience of 550 pre-university students that it is essential for every generation to be a pioneering...

Why Students Should Use Social Media as a Learning Platform

05 September 2022

Usage of social media in classrooms is at its historical peak. Students have successfully integrated social media into each aspect of their daily school life....

My Child Has An Unrealistic Dream For The Future. What Do I Do?

25 August 2022

[Adobe Stock] What are unrealistic dreams? They are dreams that are out of the norm and may be seen as highly unattainable due to the...

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