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Why Should We Nurture Children’s Hobbies?

09 May 2022

[shutterstock]  In Singapore, it is common to focus heavily on academics. Our children's hobbies often tend to take a back seat as grades and homework...

How Can Parents Help Tutors?

05 May 2022

Previously, we interviewed one of our tutors, Ms Niki Wang, for our other article “What's So Special About Being a Tutor? Interviews With Those Who...

Why Are School Holidays So Important?

26 April 2022

When you think about school in Singapore, you would often think of the stressful education system. Students are working or studying round the clock, all...

How Should Parents/Teachers Deal with the Mental Health of Children?

26 April 2022

The mental health of our youths is declining as our society is growing increasingly competitive.  As paper qualifications are becoming so important for youths to...

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