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International Students in Singapore: School Options & Fees

15 April 2019

Navigating the Singapore school system for foreigners can be a very daunting task. There are multiple routes to take, and each one comes with a...

8 Things You Should Know Before You Enrol Your Child in a Private School

07 March 2019

Like all the parents in the world, you want the best for your child. Best clothes, best toys and of course, the best education. Many...

Top Websites to Download Cambridge IGCSE Past Papers

21 January 2019

In revision, past papers can be a very important tool. It is important to get wrap your head around different past papers. Why is this...

What is the Difference between Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge O Levels?

06 December 2018

You’ve probably heard of both the Cambridge IGCSE and the Cambridge O level examinations. However, you may not quite know what the difference is between...

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