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The Cheapest International Schools in Singapore

23 June 2020

International schools are known for having expensive school fees that continue to increase each year. However, enrolling a child in these schools offers a lot...

Home-Based Learning: Guide to Learning at Home Effectively

03 June 2020

  During the COVID-19 pandemic, home-based learning was introduced in all schools to make learning as seamless as possible at home, without the need for...

The Complete Guide to Phonics Classes in Singapore

14 May 2020

  Can you recall all the times you had to read in school? From mandatory reading sessions to the English oral examination, reading is an...

The Best Homeschooling Resources Online

20 April 2020

Homeschooling is now becoming a trend in many countries worldwide. Many parents are recognising homeschooling as a good education choice since it allows education to...

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