Must read articles for Kindergarten

12 Warning Signs of a Bad Childcare Centre

14 February 2021

Many parents in Singapore opt to drop their children to childcare centres because no one can supervise and take care of their children while they...

How to Find and Nurture Your Child’s Passions

10 February 2021

We want our children to pursue the things they love to do and are interested in because it is a great way for them to...

Signs of Abuse in Childcare: What Parents Need to Watch Out For

10 February 2021

For some parents, childcare centres are godsend places because they can trust the childcare workers to take care of their children while they work. Their...

Does Bullying Affect a Student’s Academic Performance?

25 January 2021

The issue of school bullying is a problem for many countries worldwide even at the present time. Every student, both young and old, will definitely...

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