Must read articles for International Baccalaureate

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a Technical Essay

19 April 2022

[iStock] What is a technical essay? A technical essay is something like a short academic journal article used to describe technical information. You might be...

Career Opportunities in Physics

05 April 2022

Singapore is well-known for our education system and we have a wide variety of courses here. However, sometimes it can be hard to choose a...

How to Score in Your LSAT Exams in 2022?

03 January 2022

Thinking to attend law school in the United States or Canada? Then you will definitely know that you need to take the Law School Admissions...

How OWIS Promotes Scientific Inquiry and Thinking

16 June 2021

One World International School has earned a reputation for being an international school that promotes an inquiry-based approach to education. For students aged 3 to...

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