Must read articles for International Baccalaureate

Introducing Creative Writing to Preschoolers

17 October 2019

One of the subjects many parents like myself find it difficult to teach to our kids is creative writing. Back in the past, creative writing...

International Students in Singapore: School Options & Fees

15 April 2019

Navigating the Singapore school system for foreigners can be a very daunting task. There are multiple routes to take, and each one comes with a...

What is the Difference: Local vs International Preschools

18 March 2019

For many parents, choosing the right school for kids is a landmine because of the sheer number of schools promising quality education for its students....

A Comprehensive Guide on School Fees in Singapore

11 March 2019

The cost of living in Singapore has been a hot topic in the news these days. The consensus is that rising costs are a worry...

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