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Are Singaporean Parents Reading Enough To Inspire Their Children’s Reading Habits?

29 May 2023

Reading is an essential skill that is important for children's development. It helps with language acquisition, cognitive development, and even emotional intelligence. However, getting children...

Pros and Cons Guide: Literature Edition

18 March 2023

[Pexels, Ravi Kant] For many people, the idea of taking English Literature as a subject is intimidating.  The way it’s marked isn’t as concrete as...

The Importance of Teaching Mother Tongue

28 February 2023

[iStock] What is a Mother Tongue Language (MTL)?  An MTL is typically the language you first encountered at birth, are best at, and use the...

A Parent’s Guide: How to Teach Your Children Phonics

20 February 2023

[Getty Images, Xijian] Teaching your child to read is both an exciting and rewarding milestone in their life. You get the opportunity to see firsthand...

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