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The Cheapest International Schools in Singapore

23 June 2020

International schools are known for having expensive school fees that continue to increase each year. However, enrolling a child in these schools offers a lot...

Singapore Slips to Second Place Behind China in the Latest PISA

03 January 2020

Singapore has always been known for having some of the best educational systems in the world. But, it seems that it is now falling behind...

Education System in Singapore: Comprehensive Overview, Latest Changes

31 October 2019

Many blog posts will give you an overview of the education system in Singapore. They’ll walk you through the different levels of the Singapore education...

Taking the AEIS? Don’t Miss These AEIS Syllabus Tips

31 January 2019

The AEIS is a focused test for every level and comprises Math and English. It evaluates an applicants’ numeracy, English literacy, and logical thinking ability....

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