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The Cheapest International Schools in Singapore

International schools are known for having expensive school fees that continue to increase each year. However, enrolling a child in these schools offers a lot of benefits, especially if you want your child to become familiar with global issues and socialize with a wider community.

If you want to enrol your child in an international school in Singapore, here the cheapest international schools in Singapore:

Middleton International School

In Middleton International School, students are taught using a combination of the International Primary Curriculum and the Reggio-Inspired Inquire-Think-Learn curriculum. Check out the differences in curriculum here.

This method offers a holistic learning experience for younger students where they can discover more about other topics.

The school also offers learning spaces for students to use.  In their Tampines campus, the facilities are fitted for sports and theatre.

School Fees: $16,152.91 for primary school and $18,570.06 for secondary school annually after GST.

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Invictus International School

Located in Dempsey Hill, Invictus International School utilises its natural environment to give students a peaceful learning environment where they can focus on their studies.

Each classroom has 25 students, allowing teachers to focus on each student equally and assist them with their learning needs. Read more here if your child have special learning needs.

Aside from small classrooms for better learning, the school offers various facilities to support further learning. The school also follows the International Primary Curriculum to inspire students to have learning goals in every subject they have and open their mind to global issues.

School Fees: Around $18,800 annually before GST.

One World International School

The One World International School offers students a well-rounded education that helps them understand the global environment they are now living in.

The school is also committed in helping students become innovative leaders with the help of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme and a British curriculum that will prepare them for their IGCSE in Secondary school.

The school currently has a nationality cap for any given background.

Aside from the curriculum it offers, the school also offers the latest facilities and tools to help students with their studies.

School Fees: $ 17,793 for Grade 1 -6, $ 20,457 for Grade 7 to 12 annually before GST.

The Grange Institution

The Grange Institution is another international school in Singapore that offers a British learning curriculum for students.

The school utilises the Cambridge International Primary Curriculum to teach students core subjects like Math, Science and English efficiently, as well as help them become aware with global issues and its importance as stated here. To help with this goal, the school added the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals in its curriculum.

Aside from core subjects, the school also offers students lessons involving the creative arts, physical education and even environmental issues.

School Fees: $21,337.94 for Pri 1 to 6 annually.

5 Steps Academy

If you are looking for an international school near the city centre, 5 Steps Academy is located at the vicinity of Everton Park.

The school offers an intensive learning program for primary and secondary students which are designed to cover both national and local curriculums. This ensures that they are ready to take on any Secondary School curriculum in the country.

The school also offers various co-curricular activities for students to try out aside from their academic curriculum.

School Fees: $1800 monthly.

Dimensions International

At the Dimensions International institution, students can follow the Cambridge primary and secondary curriculum to help them with core subjects and their Admissions Exercise for International Students examinations.

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Students can also learn one of the seven languages offered by the school, as well as the creative arts activities they have for extra-curricular activities.

The school also has several facilities in either their Kovan or Bukit Timah campuses to support their students.

School Fees: $11,600 for Grade 1 – 6 annually.

DPS International

Established in 2004, the DPS International School was opened to accommodate the growing Indian expat community in Singapore.

The school combines Indian and international educational methods to help students become responsible citizens of the world while helping them with their academic and co-curricular passions.

Students are also given a lot of opportunities to excel in their chosen fields and even lead the activities themselves. There is also regular discussion between the school heads and the students to improve the community.

To assist in the growth of the community, the school has an extensive facility to inspire students to learn and there are even field trips scheduled to immerse students to other areas.

School Fees: For Grade 1 – 8, $3000 and below for 3 months. Grade 9 – 12, $3600 and below for 3 months

GIG International School

If you want your children to prepare for their Cambridge exams and still have fun through extra curricular activities, GIG International School has the curriculum for them.

The school uses a unique curriculum where technology and enquiry is used to help students learn. Research, collaboration and curiosity are encouraged so students can learn to be global thinkers in today’s environment.

To assist in this endeavour, the school has a small class ratio so that teachers can monitor each student and use digital teaching tools as advocated by us here.

They also offer affordable tuition fees to open more opportunities for students to experience an international curriculum.

School Fees: $1040 per month for Class 1 – 5 and $1144 per month for Class 6 – 8.

Global Indian International School (GIIS)

When you enrol your children in the Global Indian International School, it will help prepare them for either the Cambridge examinations for primary and secondary education or the Indian Central Board School Examinations.

The school follows a holistic education framework where students are trained to adapt to anything the world offers in the future.

Their facilities are up-to-date with the latest technology to assist student development, as well as open doors for students to work on their individual goals to help the community.

School Fees: Starts at $16,808 per year for Year 1.

Ascensia International School

We also recommend Ascensia International School for students who wish to prepare for the Cambridge primary and secondary education classes.

Previously known as the Hua Business School, the school now aims to empower students through its world class education and activities. Each classroom in the school comes with interactive blackboards and computers to assist with the discussions.

Outside the classroom, students can pursue outdoor activities like outdoor climbing and sports which are crucial in helping your child’s overall growth. If that is not what the student wants, they can use the school’s extensive library for further study.

School Fees: $18,725.00 annually after GST.


As the world continues to be connected through social media and global events, it is important that we help our children adapt and understand how these events can change their life.

With the help of international schools, your children will have an open mind and do their best in finding ways to contribute to the world. We hope this guide helps your search!

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