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7 Types of Poly Students in Singapore

11 April 2021

Polytechnic really exposes us to many types of students from different walks of life doesn’t it? Students in polytechnics enroll in a wide array of...

‘Concept-Driven Learning’ Explained: What Parents Need to Know

31 March 2021

Concept-driven learning in the classroom is driven by “big ideas” and widens the focus of the content being discussed with students. To better understand this,...

Polytechnic Survival Guide: What to Know as a Freshie

26 March 2021

Looking to enrol into 1 of the 5 Polytechnics after your O/N Levels? Or already a poly student trying to adapt to a whole new...

6 Questions Answered About Why Singapore Could Be Your Go-Study Abroad Destination in 2021

25 March 2021

Singapore managed to rise from a third-world nation to the first world within a single generation. The small island is home to internationally recognized universities....

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