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Polytechnics in Singapore: Overview, Courses, Admissions

20 October 2020

Looking to enrol into 1 of the 5 polytechnics after completing your N/O Levels, Nitec or Higher Nitec Diploma? There’s a ton of information you...

How to Choose your IB Diploma Subjects?

17 October 2020

Students often have different opinions when it comes to the IB program. Some say it is the toughest undertaking any student can take because of...

Common Questions on MOE Financial Assistance Scheme

01 October 2020

Education is a basic right that every child must receive regardless of their financial and ethnic background. However, not every family can send their children...

Where to Find Internship Jobs in Singapore?

28 July 2020

Internships are important for any graduating Singaporean students who wish to get preliminary working experience before they enter the corporate world. It is where they...

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