Must read articles for International Baccalaureate

How to Choose your IB Diploma Subjects?

17 October 2020

Students often have different opinions when it comes to the IB program. Some say it is the toughest undertaking any student can take because of...

The Cheapest International Schools in Singapore

23 June 2020

International schools are known for having expensive school fees that continue to increase each year. However, enrolling a child in these schools offers a lot...

Student Loans: How Can They Affect You if Not Dealt With Properly

09 December 2019

A lot of university students are in a love-hate relationship with student loans. We all love them as they help us continue our studies which...

Education System in Singapore: Comprehensive Overview, Latest Changes

31 October 2019

Many blog posts will give you an overview of the education system in Singapore. They’ll walk you through the different levels of the Singapore education...

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