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The Benefits of Private Tuition in Singapore: Is It Worth It?

Singapore has long been hailed as a global leader in academic achievement. It has an excellent educational system that provides students with a robust learning environment.

However, this has also led to fierce competition among students. And not so surprisingly, students face immense pressure to excel academically.

Consequently, an increasing number of students are enrolling in private tuition classes outside their regular school hours.

So, this brings us to the question, is private tuition worth it? And what are the key benefits of private tuition and its potential drawbacks?

Below, we delve into the reasons behind the popularity of private tuition in Singapore. By the end of this article, parents will be able to make an informed decision on whether their children need private tuition.

Overview of the Education System in Singapore

It is no news that Singapore has set rigorous standards for its educational system. Our country has set education as a top priority. Our government views a highly skilled and educated workforce as vital for maintaining Singapore’s competitiveness in the global market.

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On top of this, Singapore’s top educational institutions have limited placements available. This leads to intense competition for admission

So, how does this highly competitive educational system affect our students? Let’s take a closer look at the scenario from the student’s perspective. 

Challenges Faced by Students in Singapore

This scarcity of spots contributes to the pressure on students to perform exceptionally well academically to secure a place in these esteemed institutions. 

In fact, in such a competitive environment, they are often daunted by the following challenges.

Exam-Oriented Culture

Singapore’s education system places significant emphasis on high-stakes examinations. This includes the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE), O-Level, and A-Level exams. 

Getting a high score in these examinations is important for getting into the right university

Therefore, the intense preparation and pressure surrounding these exams can lead to stress and anxiety among students.

Pressure from Future Prospects

Secondly, Singaporean students often face pressure to pursue careers that are perceived as prestigious or financially lucrative. And this can also add to their academic burden. 

The fear of not meeting societal expectations or not securing a desirable future can be overwhelming.

Narrow Definition of Success

And, what’s more? Singapore’s education system heavily focuses on grades and academic achievements.

This often creates a narrow definition of success, one that may not fully consider students’ individual talents, skills, and interests. 

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Unfortunately, this can lead to a lack of exploration and personal development.

Mental Health Issues

The factors discussed above can also take a toll on students’ mental health. Stress, anxiety, depression, and burnout are some of the common challenges they face.

So, given these aspects, what are the benefits of private tuition to students in Singapore? 

In the next section, we explore how tuition centres manage to help students focus on their studies.  

Brief Explanation of the Private Tuition Landscape in Singapore

Over the past two decades, the number of tuition centres in Singapore has grown significantly.

In fact, according to Statista, 8.37 billion Singapore dollars were spent on private tuition classes in the country in 2022.

And crucially, such an expense is considered necessary in the highly-competitive educational landscape of Singapore. 

In other words, it has become imperative for students in Singapore to take private tuition.

The rise in tuition classes can be attributed to various factors. For instance, Singapore’s education system demands additional solid academic support for students. 

As such, parents often feel the need to provide their children with an extra edge to excel in their studies. And naturally, as families experience greater affluence, the aspirations and expectations of parents for their children’s educational success increase.

Parents now consider tuition classes as an investment in their children’s future and a way to enhance their academic abilities.

Moreover, as the demand for tuition classes grew, the market for tuition services expanded. Today, tuition centres come in different shapes and sizes. Students can choose from group tuition centres, private tutors, and educational organisations offering specialised courses. 

This accessibility makes it easier for parents to enrol their children in tuition classes. Not only that, tuition classes also come with a few notable benefits to students. 

The Benefits of Private Tuition

By now, it should be clear why Singapore has many private coaching classes. And it isn’t surprising that students flock to these centres. 

Private tuition, whether in the form of one-on-one sessions with a private tutor or small group classes, is hugely popular in Singapore. In this section, we will explore some of the key benefits of private tuition.

Enhanced Academic Performance

Unquestionably, the main reason to opt for private tuition is to boost academic performance. Wondering how private tuition can help your child perform well in school? Here’s how. 

Addressing Weaknesses

Private tutors can identify specific areas of weakness for students and design targeted remedial lessons to address those areas. This focused approach helps students overcome challenges, fill knowledge gaps, and build a strong foundation in the subject.

Additional Practice and Review

Private tuition also provides extra practice opportunities beyond what is covered in regular classroom settings. For instance, the best tutors often provide supplementary exercises, assignments, and practice tests. 

These can reinforce students’ learning and improve retention of knowledge. 

In-Depth Subject Knowledge

Private tutors often specialise in specific subjects, giving them in-depth knowledge and expertise. Today, it isn’t uncommon for students to work with multiple tutors based on their specialities and specific requirements.

The tutor’s deep understanding of the subject matter enables them to explain complex concepts, provide additional insights, and offer alternative perspectives to students.

This can help enhance students’ understanding of a subject.

Exam-Focused Approach

Private tutors also offer specialised guidance and techniques for exam preparation.

They familiarise students with the format and requirements of specific exams, provide tips for time management, and teach effective study strategies that enhance exam performance.

Moreover, private tutors and tuition centres can also conduct mock exams to simulate real exam conditions, helping students become more comfortable and confident.

They can then provide constructive feedback and guidance to improve performance and address areas of weakness.

Individualised Attention and Customised Learning

The next most significant advantage of private tuition is the individualised attention students receive. Today, the best tuition centres in Singapore offer classes in different sizes. This makes way for students to receive individual attention

Moreover, with such a strategy, tuition centres can cater to the different learning styles of students. 

Here are some ways in which private tuition classes provide individual attention to students.

One-on-One Sessions

Private tuition can be taken as one-on-one sessions between the student and the tutor.

And what’s more, private tutors have also become very accessible in Singapore. Today, it is easy for parents and students to find the right private tutors for a wide range of subjects.

In some cases, it is also possible to set up a trial class with private tutors before signing up for a full year. 

This allows for a focused and personalised learning experience. In other words, the tutor can tailor the teaching methods, pace, and content to suit the specific needs of the student.

This enables the tutor to assess the student’s strengths, weaknesses, and learning style and adapt the lessons accordingly.

Small Group Classes

Many popular tuition centres in Singapore also provide tuition classes that involve a small group of students.

This can be an easy alternative for those who can’t proceed with private tuition. Since the class size is small, it allows for interaction and collaboration among peers

And the tutor will still be able to provide a degree of individual attention. Tutors can address the unique learning needs of each student within the group, offering personalised guidance and support.

Flexible Curriculum and Teaching Method

Private tutors also have the flexibility to design and adapt the curriculum and teaching methods based on the individual student’s needs.

For example, they can modify the pace of instruction, use alternative teaching techniques, set up unique study routines, and employ various resources and materials to cater to the student’s learning styles and preferences. 

Private tutors can thus assess the student’s abilities and knowledge levels to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses. They can then design a customised learning plan to target those weak areas and build upon the student’s existing knowledge.

This assessment-driven approach ensures that the tuition classes address the specific learning gaps and challenges of each student.

Constant Feedback and Progress Monitoring

Additionally, private tutors also provide continuous feedback and monitor the student’s progress closely. Tutors can identify areas of improvement, highlight strengths, and provide constructive criticism. 

This feedback loop allows tutors to adjust the learning approach and provide timely interventions continuously. This ensures that the student’s individual needs are met effectively.

This way, tutors can focus on specific topics or concepts that the student finds challenging, providing extra explanations, examples, and exercises. This targeted practice helps the student reinforce their understanding, improve their skills, and gain confidence in the subject matter.

Additionally, tutors can also keep the parents in the loop about their children’s progress. 

Increased Motivation and Engagement in Learning

Considering the benefits of private tuition discussed above, it’s clear that tutors can be of great assistance to students. Private tutors can offer encouragement, motivation, and emotional support to students, boosting their confidence and belief in their abilities.

This positive reinforcement helps students develop a growth mindset, build resilience, and approach challenges positively.

In addition to this, tutors also work with students to set realistic academic goals. For instance, tutors can help their students break down larger objectives into smaller achievable targets.

This goal-setting process helps students stay motivated, track their progress, and experience a sense of accomplishment, leading to enhanced performance.

Considerations Before Taking Private Tuition

Unquestionably, private tuition comes with many advantages. That being said, it’s also crucial to acknowledge the potential drawbacks of after-class tuition. 

Let us explore them here. 

Financial Cost

One of the most important concerns is the financial burden placed on families. The cost of private tuition in Singapore depends on several factors, such as the tuition centre, subject, and accessibility. 

As such, choosing private tuition could cause additional financial burdens for families. And hence, not all students have equal access to private tuition.

Families with more financial resources can afford to provide their children with additional academic support,

On the other hand, students from financially disadvantaged families may be left behind. This exacerbates educational inequalities in Singaporean society.

Accessibility Concerns

Another concern is the question of accessibility. Although there are dozens of different tuition centres, it could be challenging to find a convenient tutor in terms of location.

After all, long commutes between school, tuition centres, and home could add to students’ stress. 

That being said, students need not go to academic institutions to receive tuition. On the contrary, private one-on-one sessions can be a viable alternative. 

Potential Overdependence on Private Tuition

As students become dependent on tuition for their academics, it can also lead to a lack of self-reliance. This could hinder students’ ability to become independent learners. 

Relying heavily on external support may prevent students from developing crucial skills such as self-discipline, time management, and critical thinking. It can also lead to a lack of confidence in their own abilities to succeed without constant tutoring.

Alternatives to Private Tuition

Now that we have covered the many benefits of private tuition and its potential drawbacks, let us consider what other alternatives are available. Here are some options you can consider for your children:

Utilising School-Based Support Systems

Schools often have support systems in place to assist students academically. These systems can provide alternatives to private tuition to a certain degree

Here’s how students can utilise school-based support systems:

  • Peer Tutoring Programs: Schools may offer peer tutoring programs where older students or trained peers provide academic assistance to their fellow students. This allows students to receive guidance and support from their peers who have excelled in specific subjects. Not only that, but learning with peers can also foster a sense of collaboration.

  • Teacher Consultation Hours: Teachers often set aside designated hours for consultation. During this time, students can seek clarification and additional help on specific topics or assignments. This provides students with additional time to address their doubts, seek guidance, and receive personalised feedback from their subject teachers.

  • Study Groups: Schools also encourage students to form study groups or engage in collaborative learning activities. This allows students to work together, share knowledge and resources, discuss concepts, and support each other in their academic endeavours.

That being said, school programs cannot wholly replace private tuition. If parents are looking for more comprehensive options today, there is also the choice of self-study with the aid of online resources. Let’s explain that below. 

Online Resources and Learning Platforms

The availability of online resources and learning platforms offers students an alternative to private tuition. Here’s how these resources can contribute to enhanced academic performance:

  • Access to Vast Educational Content: Online resources, such as educational websites, digital libraries, and video tutorials, offer a wealth of academic content across various subjects. Students can easily access these resources to supplement their learning, gain additional explanations, and explore different perspectives on topics of interest.

  • Interactive Learning Tools: Over the last few years, the edtech landscape has also dramatically changed. Online platforms often provide interactive learning tools, quizzes, and educational games. Moreover, there are also educational apps that are convenient to use. These tools can make the learning process engaging and enjoyable.

The essential advantage of online resources and learning platforms is that they allow students to learn at their own pace. These resources can also be used for home-based learning.


Ultimately, it is up to the parents and students to figure out the best way to boost their academic performance. While some students might be able to manage the demands of Singapore’s educational system by themselves, others might require support from tutors. 

Not sure which is the best way to proceed? Why not set up a private tutoring session with a professional and see how it goes?

SMILETutor can connect you to tutoring experts for a wide variety of subjects. Reach out to us to find the right tutor for your child today!

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