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Should You Consider Getting a Tutor in University?


The leap from Junior College (JC) or Polytechnic (Poly) and into University (Uni) is a huge one—you’re probably going to be on a campus that’s far bigger than you’re used to, you may be staying in a dorm, you have to meet a bunch of new people and new expectations…

With all this happening, it’s perfectly normal to be struggling and some students may need tuition to save their grades. The thing is, tuition is hard to get for Uni, especially since there are so many different courses. 

Some say that tuition is completely nonexistent in Uni. In tertiary institutions, teachers already give students a higher level of independence, so they’re expected to carry out their work on their own. 

But Uni tutors do exist. So the question is: should you consider getting one?

The Difficulties of Finding a Suitable Tutor


Getting a Uni tutor can prove challenging, and even downright impossible for those who take art courses where most components are subjective. 

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For more commonly-taken courses like English Literature, finding a tutor is definitely a viable option. However, for more niche courses (take Traditional Chinese Medicine for example), finding a tutor can be difficult and requires more patience. 

Other than the suitability of a tutor, you may need to consider the costs of hiring a tutor as well, especially if you’re paying for tuition by yourself. 

Do be patient when looking for a suitable Uni tutor!

Affording a Tutor


While a number of Uni students work part-time, affording everything simply isn’t possible. Those who stay on campus, still have to pay for the dorm room, which can cost from $200 to $600 a month. 

Tutor fees, especially for experienced teachers, can go up to $120 an hour. However, there are also much more affordable fees like $50-70 an hour for a part-time tutor on the tertiary education level, as seen on our website. 

If you want a tutor, plan your finances well. There are various costs you need to take into account, including the tutor and transport fees. 

You should also plan your schedule well, especially if you have a part-time job. It’s not easy juggling everything, but it’s possible!

Other Forms of Support


Learning is mostly up to the discretion of the students. If you’re failing or struggling, you can ask your teachers for help, but help is often subject to their availability.

An option you can turn to is peer tutoring. Some students offer peer tutoring and their services can be found either through word-of-mouth or online. A good platform to find peer tutors is Reddit. 

However, peer tutors aren’t always qualified to teach and many tutors have qualifications or experience under their belt. The best option is still to hire a proper tutor

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There are a lot of things to think about when considering getting a tutor for Uni. It’s not a foolproof plan and comes with a number of risks. 

There’s no shame in needing help with school. 

If you need a tutor for Uni, check this out for some help. 

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