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What Are Burnouts And How Do They Affect Students?


Nearing the End of Year (EOY) exams, students strive to do their best and complete their revision. However, with the added stresses, students become prone to a major threat: burnouts.

Though burnouts are feared by students, tutors, and parents alike, not many understand its impacts on students other than just making them less motivated to study. What are burnouts, and how do they affect students then? Let’s find out.

What are Burnouts?


Burnouts are a state of mental, physical, or emotional exhaustion that many students experience during the exam preparation period. Usually, they are caused by the stress from exams and when students don’t get to recharge or relax from studying.

Burnouts are especially common amongst students who:

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1. Have to work harder or longer than their peers to achieve similar results.
2. Have additional activities outside of the standard academic curriculum.
3. Struggle with paying attention and have to work hard just to focus.
4. Can’t stop thinking about their studies even if they’re taking a break.

How Do They Affect Students?


Burnouts have many negative impacts on students. However, not many of us understand the severity of the issue. After all, many of us think it just makes students feel unmotivated to study or continue their learning.

But there are many other ways burnouts affect students. Studies show that burnouts affect students by:

1. Causing students to experience various forms of physical, emotional, and/or mental exhaustion.
2. Increasing their inability to focus
3. Causing a loss of interest in learning
4. Making them prone to illness
5. Magnifying feelings of anxiety and depression
6. Increasing irritability
7. Lowering creativity levels
8. Cause students to feel less confident

This contributes to a poorer academic performance amongst students because students aren’t able to do their best in their preparation for their exams and during their exams.

What are Some Signs of Burnouts?

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To prevent students from burning out, students themselves, parents, teachers and tutors should be aware of the signs of burnout in order to quickly step in and prevent it from worsening.

Here are some signs of burnout that you should keep an eye out for:

1. Long term fatigue
2. Intellectual exhaustion
3. The inability to absorb more information
4. An unwillingness to study further
5. A decline in academic performance
6. Apathy toward educational topics

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How to Prevent Burnouts?


Burnouts have severe effects on students. This is why we need to ensure that students don’t experience it in the first place. The best way to do that is by preventing it.

How can we prevent burnouts amongst students?

1. Know the warning signs and always be on the lookout for them
2. Make sure that students recharge and relax
3. Make sure students take care of their mental, physical and emotional health
4. Seek help from counsellors, teachers, tutors, or parents
5. Encourage students to have a routine and make sure the routine includes rests and breaks



When students experience burnouts, they are unable to do their best during their exam
period, and it also affects their physical, emotional, and mental development.

This is why it is important to raise awareness of the issue and address it as soon as possible.

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