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How to Communicate to Parents about their Child’s Progress

15 September 2020

Every tutor must not just have a good relationship with their students in order to make their working relationship last. They must also make it...

What Parents Need to Know About Language and Literacy Development in Preschoolers

30 August 2020

As parents, we tend to find it difficult to determine what our preschool children need to become literate and proficient in the language. Some of...

Proven Tips to Help Your Young Child Discover How to Plan and Prioritize His Time

18 August 2020

Children often find it difficult to manage their time because they are overwhelmed with the activities they have to do. While teaching time management can...

How to Do Targeted Revision for PSLE

14 August 2020

This year’s Primary School Leaving Examination or PSLE is fast approaching and students are now clamouring to review for the exams so they can get...

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