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How to Teach Your Preschooler the Concept of Time

26 September 2022

[Adobe Stock] The concept of time can be tricky, and learning it is a complicated process. So we should begin teaching our preschoolers the concept...

Search Engine Optimization: Top 5 Strategies For Tutors To Get More Students In Singapore

01 September 2022

[Pexels] Singapore is a nation known to have high regard for academic merit and excellence. Having one of the best education standards globally, it's inevitable...

5 Effective Lesson Activities for Teaching Students with ADHD

26 July 2022

[Pond5] As Special Education (SPED) tutors, we may find it challenging to teach students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). It affects our students’ ability...

5 Science Experiments You can Conduct During Your Tuition Session

18 July 2022

[iStock] As tutors, it is important to make our lessons engaging and fruitful for our students. This is especially so for O level Sciences because...

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