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The Benefits of Private Tuition in Singapore: Is It Worth It?

23 August 2023

Singapore has long been hailed as a global leader in academic achievement. It has an excellent educational system that provides students with a robust learning...

Tips to Prevent Students From Cheating During a Test

20 June 2023

(Pexels - RODNAE Productions) When it comes to academics, a fair assessment is crucial for a student's learning. Academic dishonesty or cheating during an assignment,...

How to Make Lessons Fun for Teenagers

21 March 2023

[Pexels, Pixabay] Having lessons day in, day out can make things boring for students. To keep them engaged in their learning, it’s important to make...

Why Do Students Find A-Maths Easier Than E-Maths?

21 February 2023

[iStock] Back in Secondary school, I remember the day I got my ‘O’ Level results and found out that most of my peers did better...

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