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Crucial Time Management Tips For Tutors

Time management is important in every aspect of work life. It is especially important for tutors. Whether new or old to tutoring, you need to be able to manage your time well. Proper time management makes a world of difference for tutors. There is a difference in earnings, in a number of students, even in your personal time. Proper time management makes it possible for you to earn more.

How Is This Possible?

By managing your time wisely, you can have time to take in more students. This increase in students means more money for you. You can even get more students within the same household for tuition sessions, which will mean you earn more as well. You can even have tuition sessions in different households in different areas on the same day. Bad time management won’t make this possible.

Good time management gives you a good reputation. As your clients, the parents of your tuition students can influence how people see you. Evidence that you manage your time well keeps you in good standing with them. They will tell others of you, earning you a good reputation as a tutor.

With good time management, you can have more time to rest. You will also get more time to spend with your family. It is a commonly held belief that successful tutors do not have time to rest, and that their family lives suffer for it. With proper time management, you can schedule your classes in such a way that you get time to relax. Not only that, but you can make out time to be with your family and friends as well.

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Knowing the benefits of good time management, you should inculcate the habit of keeping to time. Make schedules, time yourself, and stick to those times you have set.

What ways can you ensure good time management?

Be Punctual

Punctuality is the ultimate sign of professionalism in a tutor. It also shows that you are reliable, and can be counted on to be diligent in your work. Your clients have to be sure that you are giving their children the attention that they are paying you for.

Being on time means taking into account how long it will take you to get to the venue. Account for detours and for possible delays in traffic. Traffic should never be an excuse for being late to work.

When scheduling your tuition sessions, make sure that you schedule them at times you know you will be free to arrive on time. For instance, if you want your classes to start at 3 in the afternoon, but there is always packed traffic on the road at 2:45, leave early.

Arriving before 3 will even give you time to set up your instructional material, and even get personal with your students before the tuition sessions begin. If you have multiple tuition sessions in a day with different clients, schedule your sessions so as to be punctual to each and every one of your tuition classes.

Time Management During Your Tuition Sessions

There are two aspects of time management during your tuition sessions.

First, you have to plan your classes. Before the very first tuition class, you must meet and discuss with the parents. Ask them how much attention they want you to focus on learning new concepts and skills. Find out how much time they feel you should spend on homework. With this knowledge, you can map out your lessons. You will know how much time to spend on homework and how much on learning new topics. For instance, in a one-hour session, you can use 35 minutes for new topics and 25 minutes for homework.

Second, you have to time yourself. It is not unusual for tutors to get carried away when tutoring. This, however, makes for poor time management. Always have a visible clock in the room. You could bring your own timer or stopwatch to time yourself during sessions. This way, you know when to round up and leave for your next session. You can always continue in the next class.

Make Sure To Keep Time For Yourself

Parents usually hire a tutor because they are concerned about their child’s performance in a certain subject in school. Your job as a tutor is to alleviate this fear. You cannot do that if you do not make out time for yourself. You need to respect your personal time.

Neglecting your own time keeps you in a constant state of fatigue and stress. This can make you less effective at your job. The client’s concerns now turn from their child to you. Proper time management means scheduling time for you. Relax, wind down, eat well and exercise regularly. For instance, schedule all your sessions to end at 9 pm on weekends. You will have enough time to rest, especially if your sessions don’t start until 2 pm the next day.

Schedule In A Breather

In between sessions, take time to breathe a little. If you have classes every day from 3 to 10, make sure there are short breaks in between. Drink some water or get a bite to eat. Calm down so that your brain can get refreshed for the next session.

Time management isn’t all about your work. It is also about you and your health. Scheduling as many sessions as possible means you will earn more. Overlooking yourself in the scheduling is not an option.

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Plans for vacation breaks should also be in your schedule so that you can stay on top of your game.


Time management when properly done is the difference between success and failure. As a tutor, you need to make good use of your time. This shows that you are a professional and a dependable person. However, good time management isn’t limited to your work. Respect your own time and don’t overlook it. Always map out time for you to relax. Also, don’t forget to schedule in mini-breaks between tuition sessions.

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