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How to Give Your Child the Best HBL Day

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Home-Based Learning (HBL)—some love it, some hate it. It’s certainly not easy, whether you’re a teacher or a parent.

As a parent, you get to spend time with your child at home, but sometimes it also means having to help them with their online work and dealing with extra distractions. 

Your child can ask questions online and do their work at their own time but everybody’s learning environment at home is different. So just how can you make sure that your child’s HBL day is rewarding? 

Get Them Into the Right Mindset

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Provide your child with a conducive environment during HBL.

A conducive environment includes good lighting, a charger for your child’s e-learning device, water and quietnessbut your child may require something more specific like a seat away from a window where there’s nothing outside to distract them. 

You want your child to be in the right mindset to do work and be productive, since there are no teachers to check on their progress. 

Assigning your child a specific area to work in teaches your child to associate this area with work and get into a working mindset. This should also be the space that your child does their homework every day. 

To get your child really moving, have them change out of their pyjamas! That’s how they’ll know the day has started. 

Don’t Micromanage

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It’s hard to focus when their parent is nearby and able to watch their every move, so give your child some privacy as they work. 

Leaving your child to their own devices can be stressful. But the thing is, constantly asking your child for updates and making sure that they’re doing their work only stresses them out. 

That’s why you should trust your child to do their work. If you’re really worried, you can ask them to finish it in a reasonable time.

It’s okay to check on time and offer help when it’s needed, but don’t become a helicopter parent

Plan Their Schedule with Them

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You may be reluctant to give your child a hand in choosing the amount of break time they get, but planning their schedule with them helps them develop independence. This is especially so if your child is young. 

Not to mention, when they have a say in choosing their schedule, they control their activities for the day more and are more interested in doing them. 

Still, make sure that there are regular breaks in your child’s schedule.

During HBL, your child is cooped up at home, so it’s important to keep them active. Your child’s mind refreshes itself during breaks and prepares itself for another stretch of studying. 

Having them set aside time to go outdoors during breaks in order to rest their eyes and stretch their legs is also a good idea.

Spending time in nature, even if it’s only at the park or the playground downstairs, relaxes your child which helps them focus better later on when they continue working on their assignments. 

Doing your part

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If you are going to be at home with your child, it’s important for you to take breaks as well and manage your stress.

If not, you may end up stressing your child too and arguing with them. That will disturb the peaceful environment at home and affect both your and your child’s productivity. 

Take care of your own health, both physical and mental, to be able to support your child the best that you can. 

If your child needs some extra help, consider getting a tutor to assist.


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HBL is a good time for your child to get work done, away from the distractions in school and in an environment they’re comfortable in.

It’s a valuable opportunity that your child should make the most of, and it will be extra fulfilling with your help

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