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How to Help your Child Learn at Home During this Pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic has caused panic and anxiety all over the world as our normal environment suddenly changed. The changes this pandemic has brought has been all over – be it on work, school, or even day-to-day activities.

The most affected ones are the children, the elderly, and vulnerable people because they are more prone to the virus. As a result, safety protocols must be strictly implemented, especially for these people.

The mode of learning for students has suddenly shifted to home-based learning (HBL). This is to continuously address the learning needs of the students without compromising their health. But this shift has both good and bad impacts on them. As parents, this has also impacted your lives as you are now involved in their learning process.

You are now spending almost all of the time with your children, so it is essential to practice healthy parenting during this time. Here are more resources from the WHO you can read about healthy parenting during this COVID-19 pandemic.

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Here are ways on how you can help your child learn at home.

Prepare nutritious meals

Healthy, balanced meals are important even before the pandemic. But because of the virus, we all should boost our immune system. Ensure that each meal has a carbohydrate food, protein food, and vegetable for increased energy and a healthy metabolism. Avoid unhealthy food and unhealthy eating habits because this will affect their daily functions.

Make sure that they are eating accordingly, and they should not skip meals. Eating together as a family is also beneficial for your child, as this can boost their self-esteem. They will also feel more loved as you eat together. 

However, if you have a picky eater who’s challenging you to eat healthier food, you might want to consider trying protein powder. Protein is essential in your kid’s growth, and if they don’t get the right amount of it, this might affect them. Here’s a guide on protein powder for kids.

Create a daily routine

Disrupted school-life balance can take a toll on your kids, especially today that learning is also conducted at home. The boundary between learning and resting is a blurred line because of the home-based learning where they only meet with their teachers and classmates online.

It’s recommended to follow a particular routine similar to going to physical classes.

  • Eat breakfast
  • Prepare for school (taking a bath, dressing up, etc.)
  • Sit on a chair and place learning materials on a table that are conducive for learning
  • Take breaks
  • Eat snacks
  • End of classes

This is just a general routine that you can follow. Make sure that your kids are comfortable with everything they do because they might get stressed and frustrated. The isolation and confusion this pandemic has brought to children are already a lot to process. This can help overachieving students, as this can help them feel back on track.

Lastly, make sure that they’re aware of their daily schedule. Don’t keep them blinded. If they know what to expect within the day, they’ll most likely feel more comfortable with this setup. Avoid giving them additional stress from unexpected activities. 

Set Reachable, Attainable Goals

Each day may feel the same as you are stuck at home, but your child’s workload will be different every day. They will go to online classes and answer offline modules depending on their schedule.

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With this, set daily goals for both of you of what needs to be accomplished. Prioritize what needs to be done first or what to learn first, depending on each task’s difficulty. Don’t expect that this specific task will be accomplished without assessing them, as this might lead to disappointment.

Play with them

The amount of stress and pressure has increased because of the HBL set up. The traditional way of learning your kids used to have suddenly changed. They spend hours a day attending online classes and answering modules because we all should stay at home. They don’t get the chance to go out and play.

Playing together can decrease the stress both you and your child is feeling. There are several types of games that you can play together. You just have to find the one that you will both enjoy.

You can use games as well to teach them about lessons and other important things.

Provide a safe space for them

Since your kids cannot meet their friends or even go outside, it is difficult for them to socialize and tell things. You should provide a safe space for them to express their feeling without worrying that you’ll get mad or annoyed.

Your reactions should be composed and understanding even when they fail. This is a particularly challenging time for all because of the HBL set up. Not all students have the same learning styles, so online learning is not conducive to some of them. 

One way that you can do this is to help them during their exams. Examination week is stressful and challenging, so it’ll be best to help them study but to a certain extent only. You should also constantly ask them how they’re feeling to make them feel supported.

Spend quality time with them

There are only limited options for how you can spend time with your children because of the virus. But one thing is for sure; no studying must be involved with this.

It is essential to take breaks from time to time because rest is a crucial part of learning too. It doesn’t matter if you just watch tv or talk with each other as long as it’s spent together.

It has indeed been a significant change in terms of learning for students. Home-based learning has impacted you and your child’s lives, so it’s best to support them and help them cope with the situation. Keeping them healthy is the top priority as they cannot study if they don’t feel well. With your help, your child’s learning will be meaningful. The support and love you show them will go a long way.



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